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Artex Removal Gel

X-Tex Artex Removal Gel from HomeStrip is a non toxic, textured coatings remover. Researched, developed and manufactured in the UK, X-Tex allows the removal of textured coatings such as Artex® without causing dust from harmful asbestos fibres.

Using ”science not solvents”, Eco Solutions developed X-Tex Artex Remover that is easy and safe to use. Simply brush X-Tex on to the surface, leave for minimum of 30 minutes and then scrape off (always test and time a small area first). After removal, wash down with water or warm soapy water.

X-Tex is the most recognised product within the industry by the licensed asbestos removal sector.

Approximate time to remove Textured Coatings such as Artex: 15 to 30 minutes.
Approximate time to remove Textured Coatings plus 1-2 layers of paint: up to 1 hour.
Approximate time to remove Multi-layered paint over textured coatings: 1 hour to overnight.

Approx coverage: 2-3m² per Litre (depending on coating and thickness)

Note: Always test and time a small area first.


  • Clings 100% to all surfaces
  • Keeps wet for long periods
  • Water-based
  • “Tough not toxic”
  • Non Hazardous
  • Non Toxic
  • Non Caustic
  • Non Flammable
  • PH Neutral
  • No Fumes
  • No Skin Burns
  • Product requires no ventilation
  • Virtually zero VOC
  • No H (hazard) or P (precautionary) statements on the label
  • Vegan and Cruelty Free


All components in the formulations are well established and have a long history as non-hazardous materials. All ingredients were carefully selected to satisfy the following criteria:

  • No hazards to the end user  
  • No harm to the environment (HomeStrip products are readily biodegradable)  
  • Minimal VOC content (virtually nil! - content is 0.000004%!)

Technical Information

Note: Some plaster-type textured coatings (mainly sold before the mid-1980’s) may contain harmful asbestos fibres. Removing more recent asbestos free, textured coatings can still expose you to dangerous dust particles. Coatings applied between the 1950s to the 1990s will usually contain asbestos. This can pose a serious health risk to anyone if the microscopic asbestos fibres are inhaled. You can remove Artex or textured wall coverings that contain asbestos safely by using the X-Tex product, see below.

Please make sure you read the instructions on the packaging before you use the product.

For more detailed information, please download following pdfs:

Removing Artex that contains Asbestos

Until the mid-1980s, Artex coating was made with white asbestos to strengthen and harden it. This means that wall and ceiling coverings manufactured by Artex Ltd and other manufacturers at that time will most likely contain asbestos. Artex (the company) stopped using asbestos in the mid-1980s, however, other manufacturers may have continued to use it up until 1999 when the laws around the use of asbestos changed in 2000.

Asbestos is only harmful when it is in a powder form. For example, when it is being sanded and removed, and it normally poses no risk when it is undisturbed. It is always advisable to check with a qualified person or company if you have asbestos in your ceilings or walls if the house was built before 2000 and they will be able to advise you of the best course of action and if it is dangerous. X-Tex is a non-toxic product that easily and safely removes textured ceiling or wall coverings and is used by people doing this themselves and many professional tradespeople.

The only way to be 100% sure if your textured coating contains asbestos is get a sample analysised. We advise against drilling or cracking a coating yourself to then send off for analysis as you may expose yourself to the harmful fibres. Always get an accredited person or company to assess if your ceiling or wall coating contains asbestos.

You can remove Artex or textured wall coverings that contain asbestos safely by using the X-Tex product. X-Tex keeps the covering wet whilst it is being removed and ensures there are no harmful dust or asbestos dust fibres that can be inhaled. Please ensure that you follow the instructions on the packaging carefully. See also instructions below.

If in any doubt, please consult with a licensed asbestos remover.

How to Remove Artex and Other Textured Wall and Ceiling Coatings

Simply paint the X-Tex over the Artex®, on a horizontal or vertical surface, and scrape off when softened. Keep a "working wet system", this means that the textured coating is kept wet at all times which results in no asbestos fibres becoming airborne. The removed coating will fall directly to the floor. It is a good idea to cover the floor with lots of old newspapers and just wrap the Artex® up in the paper, double bag and dispose of at your local council recycling centre. Most household waste and recycling sites now take asbestos waste - but it we recommend checking before hand.

If your textured surface has been painted over the years with various coats of emulsions, this coating does need to be removed before you can start removing the Artex®. The most difficult of these is vinyl silk which contains plastic polymers, and once softened by any type of paint remover can turn it into a gooey mess!  Vinyl silk is hard to penetrate with any type of paint remover, so the first recommendation is to lightly score the surface with a blade to let X-Tex penetrate the paint and lift it from underneath. You do not want to score too deeply, so as not to disturb the Artex®underneath. You can also apply X-Tex prior to scoring the surface which will prevent any dust from becoming airborne if you score below the surface.

Tip: Artex® Removal is made easier with a long-handled blade scraper which helps to lift it from the surface rather than spreading it around the wall.

Another great tip is to apply X-Tex and cover with foil or plastic film and leave overnight. The foil prevents the X-Tex® from drying out and also forces the product down and in most cases softens both the emulsion and the artex® in one application. This is highly recommended to obtain the best results and to save you product.