Baavet Wool Duvets


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Baavet Duvets are a great addition to a healthy home. Sheep's Wool is an amazing fibre to use for filling duvets. Unlike other fillings, it is naturally resistant to dust mites, it is hypoallergenic, breathable, moisture wicking and temperature regulating. Add to that the natural Egyptian cotton outer and you have a luxurious duvet, designed for a perfect night's sleep. 

Baavet Duvets are a great option for asthma and eczema sufferers; and the perfect solution for anyone with overheating problems.

Free economy delivery to mainland UK addresses.

Please note We are unable to accept these products for return if they have been used for any period of time for sanitary & hygiene reasons. Goods are not supplied on a trial basis.

100% British Wool Duvet

British Wool

This range of pure wool duvets is made using wool sourced from British farms and British sheep breeds! After many months research, Baavet found that pedigree sheep breeds and cross breeds have just the right micron wool sizes and staple lengths. The fibres, when blended together, create the optimum British wool needed for the excellent thermal properties, lightness and loft (bounce) that awesome duvets require.

The wool in these duvets is 100% wool. Baavet don't bond their wool to polymers nor do they use a polypropylene inter-liner (as is the case with some "wool" duvets).

The entire manufacturing process from carding the wool to packaging is done in Britain. Baavet don't use harmful chemicals to clean the wool.

Baavet also produce a 100% organic wool duvet, please see the Organic Wool Duvet page for further information.

100% Cotton Cover

The wool is enclosed in a high quality, closely woven, organic cotton cambric fabric. The wool never comes into contact with your skin. The cotton is made just for Baavet. It's the finest quality 240 thread count.  It’s also dust mite proof beyond the standard set by the Asthma society.


  • Naturally anti bacterial and dust mite resistant
  • Naturally hypoallergenic
  • Wool bedding is ideal for eczema and asthma sufferers   
  • No harmful chemicals used on the wool
  • Breathable
  • Moisture Wicking
  • It will regulate body temperature in bed
  • Naturally flame retardant

Duvet Sizes and Weights


  • Single - 135cm x 200cm
  • Double - 200cm x 200cm
  • King size - 225cm x 220cm
  • Superking - 260cm x 220cm

Weights (tog rating)

  • Light Weight: 2-3 Season - A lighter weight duvet suitable for the spring, summer, and autumn. 300-350gms of wool per m2 - Similar to 4-8 tog rating.
  • Medium Weight: 3-4 Season - A versatile wool duvet ideal for the cooler spring, autumn and winter months. 400-450gms of wool per m2 - Similar to 8-12 tog rating.
  • Winter Weight: Suitable only for the colder months of the year, or for those who prefer to sleep under a heavier duvet. It may be too warm for most people throughout the rest of the year. 500-550gms of wool per m2 - Similar to 13+ tog rating.

Cleaning Your Baavet

Wool is a naturally self-cleaning fibre that actively repels dust mites, mould spores, and bacteria.  Your Baavet wool duvet does not need washing unless visibly soiled.

Your Baavet wool duvet will benefit greatly from being outside on a sunny day as UV light is a natural cleaner, we recommend you try to air your Baavet at least once a year. 

If your Baavet becomes visibly soiled then spot wash smaller stains.  If a spot wash is not practical then you can wash your Baavet, with care. Wool will shrink if it is washed too aggressively or if subject to anything more than warm water so use a very delicate wash at low temperature. Spin and then hang to dry away from direct heat.

Any dry cleaning should be done using a very gentle process.

Complete the look

Why not treat yourself to a Wool filled pillow from Baavet and guarantee yourself a cosy night's sleep.