Auro 321 MIT Free Natural Emulsion


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Auro 321 is an emission free, preservative free and washable indoor paint for walls and ceilings. It contains no oil, it does not yellow and emits very little odour during the drying process. It is a really great paint for creating a fresh white look in homes and commercial interiors.

This interior paint is available in White only. 

Auro 321 is rated as a very low-emission product according to the AgBB evaluation scheme (a German evaluation scheme for VOC emission from construction products), and as such has a special recommendation for use in living areas. Auro 321 has also been independently assessed as a product suited for allergy sufferers by the German Institute for Environment and Health (Institut für Umwelt und Gesundheit - IUG). 

This environmentally friendly paint has a unique washable formulation, making it great for high traffic areas that need occasional cleaning.

Drying time: Quick drying 4-6 hours between coats, 48 hours to fully cured
Approx coverage: 9m² per Litre

Please note: Auro 321 will adhere to old and new plaster, lime plaster, dry lining boards, previously painted lime, clay and silicate painted surfaces. Overcoating previously painted latex (vinyl) paints and other "difficult“ substrates should be trialled in the first instance.


  • Free from preservatives (MIT etc)
  • Virtually VOC free (less than 1 g/l)
  • Odourless (the tiny amount of odour disappears as soon as it's painted)
  • Solvent free paint
  • Natural & non toxic paint
  • Very Breathable (SD value < 0.1 m)
  • Wipeable Class 3 (washable under DIN EN53778)
  • Excellent covering power (Opacity class 2 acc. to DIN EN 13300)
  • Vegan - cruelty free paint
  • Easy to apply with little dripping or splashing


  • Mineral fillers
  • Water
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Replebin*
  • Potassium silicate
  • Silicate
  • Cellulose
  • Surfactants made of rapeseed and Caster oil

Auro aims to use renewable plant based ingredients from certified organic sources in their products wherever possible, along with natural minerals and small amounts of synthetic materials (only when absolultely necessary and none at all in this particular paint). All Auro products can be safely reintegrated back into the natural cycle therefore any residues can be composted (but if not home composting please check that your local authority will accept it first).

* Replebin® is an innovative, biogenic binder. Replebin® consists of plant alcohol esters with organic acides. The Bremen Environmental Institute in Germany has tested and confirmed the biogenic origin of the binding agent Replebin® and the very low product emission of the 321 wall paint. This paint binder is legally protected and exclusive to Auro paints.

Please note: Natural products are neither odourless nor emission-free. The use of organic, natural and plant based ingredients means that allergy and asthma sufferers and people who are chemically sensitive are much more able to tolerate Auro products, however, they may cause allergic reactions in some. We always recommend that customers test a sample pot, when a paint product is new to them, to be sure.

Technical Information


For more detailed information, please download following pdfs:



Auro 321 is a white interior paint. Colours are no longer available in this paint type. Instead please consider Auro 555.

Complete the Look

Wood Trim, Skirting Boards and Doors

You can paint indoor wood in an Eggshell paint. See the Earthborn Eggshell 17 page for details.


You can of course paint ceilings with Auro 321 emulsion too, so do make sure you order enough to make your entire room look fresh!

Alternatively, if you are going to paint your ceiling white, it is worth considering one of the air purifying paints which work with sunlight (or sunlight/daylight bulbs) to neutralise noxious gases and odours in the room.